Venus Fly Trap










Having filmed Venus Fly Traps on many occasions, I was really pleased to get a request to update and supply some new images.

The traps themselves are the plants modified leaves and are about 15 mm in size with the trigger hairs being just 2 or 3 mm long, these have to be triggered twice by the fly before the trap snaps shut.

To see more images please go to my links page and click on the Nature Picture Library link.

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Another trip out on a very rainy and misty day.

Clevedon Victorian Pleasure Pier has always been a magnet for photographers, amateurs and professionals alike. When the mist started to clear a little, the tide was on its way out exposing the seaweed-covered rocks. I wanted to keep as much detail in the foreground and the pier as possible but still have the feeling of the mist and rain, so I used multiple bracketed long exposures, for this multi–row panoramic.

My camera was a Nikon D3x with a 45mm PC lens. It took 45 exposures of  between 3 and 30 seconds and when all of these were mixed and stitched together they gave me a final image of over 725MB before being graded and cropped down to a more usable size.

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Rainy Days and Childhood Memories

Last Sunday was a stormy rainy day that you would normally sit by the fire and watch an old black and white movie on the television, and prepare for the working week ahead.

But getting a little claustrophobic and unhappy about not taking many photos recently I packed the family into the Landrover and headed out on a grand adventure ….. or Weston-Super-Mare, not too far from my home city of Bristol.

Throughout my childhood my father had done many similar trips with me, normally to destinations further afield. But with my son being only 13 months old I thought the local beach was a good place to start. After a few unstable walks up and down the beach the rain started to increase and the storm clouds thickened and this old Victorian Cafe became a warm shelter for a break and a chance for me to pop out and get some photos.

It’s strange how we sometimes forget why we did things as children, and how just by getting out and running around it can make you see things in a different light. Yes we did get all cold and wet ….. and the sand does still get everywhere, but I know where I’ll want to be the next time we have a stormy day.

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Christmas at the IoD

My Christmas started with the honour of being asked to give the Christmas after dinner speech for Grays of Westminster and Nikon Owner Magazine at the IoD, with Jim Brandenburg. The whole evening was a great event with lots of friends old and new, a very special way to start the Christmas holidays.

Gray Levett – Andrew Main Wilson – Jim Brandenburg – Neil Lucas
at the The Grand Christmas Dinner at The Institute of Directors London.

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Digitalis Foto Article

After a series of talks in Europe last year I was asked to appear in one of Europe’s best photographic magazines ‘Digitalis Foto’.

This high quality magazine is produced in Hungary which has a great reputation for producing great photographers, check out the link below it’s a really good reason to learn Hungarian.


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Article in Nikon Owner Magazine

Nikon Owner Magazine asked me earlier in 2010 if I would work with Gillian Greenwood the editor on an article about my latest BBC Series ‘LIFE’ and in particular the ‘Plants’ episode, which was shot mainly in Timelapse on Nikon Cameras. After a lot of hard work on Gillian’s part the issue came out over the Christmas holidays.

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